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Cpalead is a incentivised CPA network, as you can read on their official website. What that means? It means that advertisers pay CpaLead to run their offers, while publishers show them on their websites. When a visitor land on sites monetized with cpalead, they are required to fill/complete a survey/offer in order to unlock the content and actually enjoy it. You may already have heard if not stumbled upon the infamous cpalead content-blocker gateway, thats what its meant for. People fill offers/surveys to gain access to your site content, advertisers are happy and pay Cpalead, Cpalead pays you the publisher, how much depends on the offer payout and its complexity, they vary). Content and publishers are an important ring of the cpalead chain: good content lead more people to fill surveys; and motivating publishers willing to keep working with cpalead is a major concern for the company. The way they deal with its publishers base is one-of-a-kind among the many CPA networks in the US in tried and it deserves to be reviewed on its own.


This is probably the best aspect of Cpalead: they are there to help you succeed and their staff is quite fast in dealing any issue you bring their attention to. I remember when I first sign up (in August 2009) that my appplication was denied (now things are changed, I will explain more later how to get into it without the need of their approval, and automatically) What the heck I said. I wrote an email to Jeremy asking why. After a couple of hours, i got my reply where it was explained what details I had not include in the application. I took care of them, reapplied and I was in. Finally.

Since August 2009 they have been working on adding new cool features and improve their publishers expierence: they added a chat where, once logged into your account, you can chat with other publishers and with cpalead staff in real time. You can shout how much money you have earnt that day/month or the day/month before; there is a lottery and once a day you can scratch your lotto ticket and win up to 20% of the earnings of the day (ita always nice to make more money doing nothing:) )

Recently they added a videogallery and CPAlead marketplace
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Cpalead The Most Trusted Network

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This article was published on 2011/01/13